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    "I just looked at your website for the first time and am ecstatic that you have re-introduced vacuum-packed entrees (Pro-Packs)!!! I bought my first Mountain House meals in the '70s, and the vacuum-sealed packages carried well, took up little space, and almost never got punctured during extensive rough handling in the field. "Jim - Missoula, MT"

    I am an avid camper and backpacker. With MRE's being so hard to find these days, I decided to give your breakfast food a try. I must say that the scrambled eggs with bacon went over and above any expectations I ever had. It was VERY tasty. I plan to try more of your products in the future. I must also commend you on the new bag. The new design is very easy to use and it stood up on its own quite well."Phil - Lewisville, TX"

    Your new Mountain House Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes are amazing! The 2 grilled Chicken Breast are seasoned just right and rehydrate within minutes. Congrats on being the only brand (that I have seen) to come out with a freeze dried whole white meat chicken breast, and then to get two of them in a pouch makes it even better. Keep up the good work!"Stacy - Lansing, MI"

    In mid may 2004 I participated in a 21 day sea kayak expedition to the Shumagin Archipeligo at the Eastern edge of the Aleutian Islands. Our 3 person team experienced some of the wettest, windiest miserable weather imaginable but, Your awesome entrees made the difficult conditions more managable and helped keep our spirits up. For years I used food produced by one of your compeditors and this was my first trip with Mountain House, boy had I been missing out! Your product is beyond compare with other brands I look forward to using it again this year when we return to the Aleutians for more punishment."Rich - Waterford, MI"

    Lasagna with meat sauce (Pro-Pack) is wonderful. This is my, and my climbing partners' favorite meal. When we have no hunger at 17,500 feet in the Andes, we can still get excited to boil water for lasagna. After our last trip, we wanted to note though, that this is the only meal we get excited about. "Matt - Boulder, Colorado"

    I started storing your foods in #10 cans a couple of years ago. Your meals go far beyond what one can get out of an MRE in an emergency or an outdoor expedition. Your meals are NUTRICIOUS and prepare quickly with boiling water. The free shipping and occassional token products (keychains, wind up radios, etc.) are all extras that make your product superior. Thank you! "Peter - Birmingham, AL"

    Just had a chance to check out the Double Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes and I just had to write to let you know that this is my new number 1 meal. Simply Awesome! Thanks MH"Bill Peabody - MA"

    On my journey to become the first person ever to travel the entire Allegheny River by kayak, I depended on Mountain House for my dinner, and I found their entreés to be both tasty and dependable. It was nice to be able to have dinner cooking, while I set up camp every night. They were easy to transport and pack, and the most important things were, over three weeks, they tasted good, and helped keep me going, while burning some 6,000 calories a day. "Rick Barkley -"

    I've always been a fan of MH's freeze dried ice creams!!!! I never thought that freeze dried food would be any good so it never crossed my mind to even buy any. Well, I was at Costco last week and they had a sample of the beef stroganoff. I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised on how good it tasted! Wow!!! Was my first response!!! We went camping over the weekend and we bought the beef stroganoff and the mac and cheese for our trip. Our trip was cut short due to rain so we returned home and had the beef stroganoff for dinner at home and it was so delicious!"Vanessa -